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Types of Maintenance Service:

 Just as your car requires routine oil & filter changes, your commercial or industrial heating and air conditioning systems also need regular maintenance. Regular HVAC maintenance will extend the life of your A/C system by promoting the following:

 1. More reliable performance
2. Lower utility bills
3. Priority scheduling
4. Improved safety
5. Extended equipment life
6. Healthier Air
7. Improved capacity
8. 5% discount on repairs for Preventative Maintenance clients


Air Filter Service

This program includes the air filters and labor to inspect and change air filters. Dirty filters can cause your heating and cooling equipment to work ineffectively and consume more energy.  Dirty filters and coils can increase your energy bills by 20% or more.  Dirty filters can reduce employee productivity by aggravating
employee health conditions and increasing time off.


PM Service


 The Basic Planned Maintenance Agreement Program includes:

  • Periodic inspections
  • Preventive diagnostic
  • Predictive maintenance tasks
  • Regular Air Filter Changes
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Priority Scheduling
  • 5% parts and labor discount

The program matches manufacturer’s operation and maintenance requirements. These tasks vary according to equipment type, environmental conditions, and runtime.

 Full Service

 The Full Coverage Planned Maintenance Agreement Program includes not only inspections and preventive maintenance but also covers:

  • ALL repairs,
  • System component replacement
  • 24 hour emergency service.
  • Priority Scheduling

This program puts the full accountability of system maintenance costs on CRL Services, LLC. The program covers all labor, material, and component replacement costs for all covered equipment. Full coverage maintenance is worry free, easy to budget and gives the customer peace of mind. Full maintenance is a great tool for organizations that need a fixed cost for their HVAC maintenance and repairs to maintain a budget.

What else do we offer?

  • Plumbing
    • Boiler Systems
    • Back Flow Testing
    • Water Filters
    • Piping Repairs
    • Pump Maintenance
    • Water Closets / Sinks
  • Heating
    • Ventilation
    • Analysis of Burner
    • Radiant Heat Systems
    • Infrared Radiant Heat
    • Roof – top Units
    • Unit / Shop Heaters
    • Baseboard
  • Air Conditioning
    • Ventilation
    • Data Center Air Conditioning Units 
    • Temporary Air Conditioning Unit Rentals
  • Refrigerant Services
    • Reciprocating Units
    • Centrifugal Units
    • Screw Units
  • Air Distribution
    • Humidification Systems
    • VAV Units
    • Heating Coils
    • Cooling Coils
    • Damper Repairs
  • Custom Maintenance Programs
    • Full Service
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Filter Change Service
    • Seasonal Start-up / Shut down for AC
  • Control Services
    • Low Voltage
    • Pneumatic Controls
    • VFDs
    • DDC
    • Remote Access
  • Air Duct Cleaning
    • Hygienic Air Distribution Cleaning
    • HVAC Balancing