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Why Choose CRL?

What places CRL Services above the competition?

 CRL Services, located in Anchorage, Alaska is the premier mechanical contracting company serving the Greater Alaska Area. Our growth into one of the largest service contractors in Alaska is directly attributable to our attitude in providing the highest level of quality in all that we do.

 Whether your need is system design, duct cleaning service, commercial construction, equipment replacement, remodeling, control system retrofit, or energy services, you can count on CRL Services to provide the answers you need for a successful project completed on time and within budget.

 15 Reasons To Choose CRL Services  

 1. Better Trained Service Technicians
Insures customer that the call will be quickly diagnosed and completed in less time than the competition, reducing cost and aggravation. In addition to countless local seminars, each of our technicians participates in annual factory training courses.

2. State of the Art Test Equipment Available on Each Truck
Assures customer that the most accurate diagnosis will be made in the shortest amount of time possible. This translates to lower repair costs and less down time, reducing aggravation.

3. Large Service Fleet – Guaranteed Show-Up Time
Provides customer with peace of mind in knowing that no matter what time of day or night the call is placed, we will respond in 1 hour or even less in an emergency.

4. Engineering and Design Consultation
Our team of professionals is always available for assistance in planning new projects or changes to the present system. It is unnecessary to hire a professional engineer or an outside consultant.

5. Fully Trained in-house Staff
We have a full-time Service Manager in the office at all times, who is available to answer questions and possibly resolve a service problem on the telephone, eliminating a service call. In addition, a full-time service coordinator is available to answer questions and schedule service. This can reduce maintenance expense and provide peace of mind.

6. Computerized Service Dispatch
Insures that a service call is completed in the shortest time and in the most efficient manner. It is impossible to “forget” or lose a service call, even during the busiest time.

7. Cell-Phone Dispatched Service Vehicles
Each service vehicle is in constant communication with our office so that when a call is received, a technician may be immediately re-routed in an emergency. This assures that each call will have a technician dispatched immediately.   Furthermore, each vehicle is tracked with a GPS so that we can immediately determine the closest available technician.

8. Priority Service for Maintenance Agreement Customers
All contract customers are placed at top of call list ahead of non-contract customers. This provides customers with peace of mind in knowing they will receive service first.   Additionally, all of our contracted customers receive a discount on services.

9. Personal Consulting
Our representative assigned to your account is always available for personal consulting. He has your best interest in mind and is available to discuss any problems at no additional cost.

10. Competitive Pricing
Our prices are the lowest in the area for the quality of work performed. There are lower priced contractors, but in all cases, the work performed will lack many of the advantages of using CRL Services.

 11. Comprehensive Warranty
CRL Services stands solidly behind all of the work we perform. If we make a mistake, you will never pay twice for the same work. This reduces maintenance expense and provides peace of mind.

12. Complete Inventories
Both our trucks and our warehouse are stocked with a huge selection of commonly used service parts. We are constantly evaluating this inventory to make sure we have a current stock. Even though it is impossible to carry every part for every manufacturer, most calls can be completed in one trip, eliminating parts pick-up time and insuring minimum time for call completion.

13. Install Brand Name Products Only
Our reputation as one of the finest service contractors in Alaska is important to us. We install only the highest quality repair parts and equipment. This insures that the repair will last longer and if the part should fail, a replacement is immediately available. This reduces maintenance expense and aggravation of additional calls for the same problem.

14. Special Paperwork
Our seasoned administrative staff is experienced at handling any special instructions required by our customers.  Pre-authorizing service calls, special paper work, purchase orders, or any other billing requirements are handled with ease and efficiency

15. Long Term Commitment
While many companies believe that profit must be maximized at every single opportunity, CRL Services learned long ago that earning your trust and developing a long-term relationship is more desirable for both of us. We have been working for many of our customers for the entire 15 years we have been in business.